We think we are humans

I love David Icke!! This is so true and it speaks right to your inner core, your counsciousness, which is love. Love is the only reality, everything else is an illusion. Counsciuosness has been divided into this third density dimension and we are in a frequency of low vibrations such as fear, hate and anxiety. The more we come to understand and realise that, which I believe is the reason we have this human experience on planet earth, the more and faster we will rise in frequency and dimension.

This short clip explains it so well with caracters like. Bill Hicks, Terence Mckenna, David Lynch, John Hagelin Ph.D and Mr Icke. <3

Postat av: college essays

People should do somethng for beeing humans. They should be more kindest to everyone.

2011-12-13 @ 13:34:09
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Postat av: Don

I totally agree with you 'college essays'.

2011-12-17 @ 18:18:56

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