Please don´t harm your child

Of course nobody would harm their child, one can think. Nevertheless almost everyone does, not with intention thank god, but with lack of knowledge and trust in a corrupt belief-system. credulity is human and based on love. unfortunately this planet isn´t ruled by human intentions (not yet, but soon), its ruled by low vibrational frequencies, to keep you in a state of fear, stress and other low vibrational frequencies.
But we must protect our child from diseases ? These people are experts and why shouldn´t we trust them. Why should we trust you and your sources.
This question is very entitled and I truly understand the concern of every parent, because after all, all they want is the best for their child. Which leads you direct into the thought I have planted into your mind with my sources and statements. By now I have reached my intention with this topic, which is for you to think for yourself and find out the other side of the story. The story that drug companies doesn´t want you to find out or ask about. Their intention is not to save your child, it´s to make profit out of you. My intention is the opposite. I have no funding interest in my statements other then pure love and compassion.
Experts ? In what way ? Corrupt experts from a corrupt education in a corrupt society ? I am sure these experts mean well, but they are tricked with the knowledge they learnt, and they don´t know better. Now I want to point out that I do not believe the hole system to be corrupt and everybody to be tricked or fooled, but we are talking about a monopoly company controlled by illuminati-members.
In the previous post I published much information about this topic and the dangerous with vaccinations. Does this mean all vaccines are dangerous? I sure hope not, but my main focus has been on the H1N1 -vaccine and the vaccines on children. It´s not a pretty story, and as you can see on the non-funded studies, there are links to autism, adhd, allergies, asthma, cancer, infant death among much others (some instant, and other much later in life). I hope you take a look at these data and feel from deep within your heart what message and advise that subside best with your heart. Thats it, please share and I wish you and your children the best of luck with much love <3


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