Norway incident

In view of the massacre in Utöya Norway with gunman anders behring breivik, alternative media and whistleblowers talking of mind-control and the criminal elites performing this terror attack. I spoken to whistleblower Andrew Basiago, who participated in the military secret operation "project pegasus" (time-travel) about the military projects including mind-control. I asked about a project who came out in the 90's named "project superman", about a man named Andy Pero. This project was about creating a super soldier using mind-control. If you haven´t heard about that story I strongly suggest you read about it here. Andrew said he talked about this story with many of his informers and they came to the conclusion that the story is credible. 
Anyway, when this terror-event happened in Norway, I immediately came to think about "project superman" and his story with mind-control. There is so much in similar with this story that it would surprise me a lot if Mr. Breivik isn´t under mind-control. Swedish radio (red ice radio) interviewed Rauni-Leena Luukanen about this terror-event and the connection with mind-control. There are a lot of strange connections and facts pointing at the criminal elite (illuminati) performing this. Full show here.


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