Cures against Cancer

This is an article from showing succesfull cures against cancer. Treatments which work very well and has no side effects. Please read this "cures against cancer" -article here.

The evil cabal called illuminati owns media and pharmaceutical companies (among others), why you probably never gona hear about this from any gouvernment instance. You simply have to make your own readings and there are tons of great material on the web. I´d like to quote from the article in this issue:
-"Unfortunately, these cures have been held back from the public by the illuminati, the powerful elite who own the pharmaceutical industry. They make billions off of diseases like cancer. As they also control most of the mainstream media, barely anything is ever written about these cures. Instead, unsuccessful and dangerous "cures" like chemotherapy and radiation are promoted.
Many people reject the idea of an evil elite secretly running the world. To them, we can only say: study this matter yourself. There's tons of material available on the web. Read it, compare it and draw your own conclusions. When you stand in your own power, you can judge so much better what treatment to choose."
Today you can find people in this evil companies making confessions injesting cancercausing elements in vaccins, in order to make people ill with cancer so they can make profit out of the treatments.
They created AIDS among other diseases, and today there are so many toxins in our food, air, water etc...
This is the true reality and the shock for most human beeings, but there are cures and natural ways of getting rid of the diseases. WE ARE WAKING UP AND WE ARE SICK OF THIS REALITY !!!
To summarize a few other products great for treating cancer I can add to the list:
turmeric (curcuma)
colloidal silver
MSM (sulfur)
MMS (miracle mineral sollution)
vitamin D-3
vitamin C
all alkaline products since cancer-cells cant survive in an alkaline environment, so you wana make sure to always have a more alkaline rate of PH in your blood, where fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of alkaline food.
and of course mentioned in the article; B17, Hamp, asparagus and the zappers....
Products, for example, acidifies your body which the cancer-cells love and makes them grow;
coca-cola (amongs other soda)
sugar (you always wana avoid sugar which is the nr 1 nutrition for cancercells to grow)
stress (not a product but still acidifying)
radiation (not a product but cancer-causing)
additives in food, cloths, cosmetica and other materials
semi-finished foods and cakes
chemotherapy and radiation
other medicines
please share to get the word out !
thank you and much love

Marijuana and its health benefits

The advent of the internet and the free flow of information that has enlightened the minds of millions, the mainstream media can no longer simply ignore or deny the truth about marijuana's medicinal capacity.

This was made evident in a recent PBS documentary that highlighted marijuana's ability to alleviate pain, treat epilepsy, and even cure cancer.

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.





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