2012 A message of hope

Since I have a lot of foreign viewers, I might aswell welcome you all and write my message in english. It might not always be correct in translation and so, but I think u'll get the picture ;)

I want to spread this message of hope, since I strongly believe on a bright future. I must believe, otherwise I can not function in a world that is so corrupt and ruled by such evil forces. I am a worker of light, and so are you. I believe we are all patterns in a holograph with one combined force, that is love. I think love is the creation and everything else is an illusion.

I research and work only for the best of humanity and this planet. I have no economic interest in what I am publishing and I have no profit in terms of material things in what I do. I think for myself and I follow my heart.

This video is about year 2012 and higher frequencies entering our planet.





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