Amazing !!

I heard alot of whistleblowers by this time and I get so excited everytime a new one arrives. This one, I never heard of, but his story matches the story with other people involved with project like; Montauk, Phil.experiment, superman and so on.


I strongly recommend you to see Nassim Harameins work in physics (video) which explains the quantum-physics in a pretty simple way in time-travel. This revealing story, you'r about to hear, is based on Nicola Teslas work which seized by the u.s military after his death, and was then used as a military weapon instead of all the benefits it could have for this planet and the human race.


His name is Andrew Basiago and as a child, he was part of experiences in time travel. The projects name was "Project Pegasus" and Andrew is today a lawyer and a writer. This is his story that at first sounds like pure science fiction, but is infact real tecnology which has been around for a while now. Here is Andrew in "coast to coast-radio"



Visit Andrews websites for more information:


United States patent application: Full body teleportation system, is revealed on this site, check that out. I am not a physicist and I have no clue if this system is the one Andrew is talking about, I just came over this information and found it interesting.


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